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Emerging Leaders

About the American Cancer Society

Our mission is to save lives, celebrate lives, and lead the fight to a work without cancer.

Every action we take moves us one step closer to a world free from the pain and suffering of cancer. We do this by drawing on the values of humanity to encourage prevention, raise awareness, foster innovation, inspire generosity, deepen understanding, and provide care.

Encourage Prevention

We encourage prevention by advocating for lifesaving changes, promoting early screening, and empowering others to make healthy lifestyle choices.

Raise Awareness

We are relentless in our efforts to raise awareness by honoring the people we've lost, supporting those in treatment, and celebrating the lives we've saved.

Foster Innovation

We foster innovation by conducting groundbreaking research and funding pioneering scientists.

Inspire Generosity

We inspire generosity by motivating communities to donate and mobilizing them to act.

Deepen Understanding

We deepen understanding for those affected by cancer by delivering crucial health information and vital patient service

Provide Care

We provide care through a network of Hope Lodges providing housing during treatments and patient navigators steering patients through treatment


About The Emerging Leaders

The American Cancer Society Emerging Leaders is a community-based leadership team made up of individuals under 40 years of age, that works to help fulfill our mission by increasing revenue, serving people facing cancer in the

Tri-State area, and promoting cancer prevention and early detection. The Emerging Leaders have the opportunity to network with others who are interested in making a difference in their community and significantly impacting the Society's lifesaving mission. 

Why Join the American Cancer Society Emerging Leaders

Save Lives
Fundraise and advocate for a cause that you believe in
Network with a high-quality group of Cincinnati area Professionals
Build relationships with partnering organizations and develop leadership skills
Attend premiere fundraising events and make new friends


at a glance

1. Serve as a community ambassador for the American Cancer Society's mission and programs through recruitment, social media, advocacy, and more 

2. Collaborate as a team to set and accomplish goals

3. Engage in Emerging Leaders meetings and society events

4. Strive to participate in at least two American Cancer Society events every year

5. Provide yearly contribution of $10 which secures ACS CAN (Community Action Network)


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